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Alisa LeSueur

former Certified College Planning Specialist, National Institute of Certified College Planners
Member, National Alliance of Financial Aid Practitioners

Texas Group 1 License for Life Insurance and Annuity Sales + non-resident licensed in over 20 other States (and adding more this year)
B.S. in Accounting 1981, Newman University

Media Credentials follow below...

I have been helping people with their financial needs since the late 1970s. I earned my Insurance License from the state of Texas in 1987. In the 1990s I earned my Securities Licensed which has since lapsed. I have trained with several college planning and financial aid programs, as well as extensive self-study.

My goal is to help my clients reach comfortable retirement. College Funding seemed to bring this to a dead halt, so I learned the Financial Aid formulas and now it is my mission to help families find the money to pay for college, while not interrupting the goal of comfortable retirement for the parents. 

I created ICS College Funding to help local families with this issue.  After successfully helping many families with this task, I knew I had to tell the world through the Internet.  I can reach and help so many more people with this web site. 

I hope that you let me help you and your family.

ICS College Funding
PO Box 460004
San Antonio, TX 78246


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Alisa LeSueur is available as a speaker for your group of parents of college-bound students or high school counselors continuing education.  Email for speaker request. 

Story Ideas:

How to Pay for College for College Without Going Broke

Harvard's Endowment Fund is Over $22 Billion - How Current and Future Harvard Students Can Get Their Fair Share

Private Universities can Cost Parents LE$$ than State Colleges

College Financial Aid 101 - Basics on getting the confusing financial aid forms filled out so you can get your fair share of over $105 Billion in Financial Aid

Does your family qualify for an "IRS Scholarship" to help pay for college?

You don't have to be broke and living under a bridge to qualify for financial aid.  

Alisa LeSueur
former Certified College Planner, National Institute of Certified College Planners
National Financial Aid Practitioners Alliance member

ICS College Funding
PO Box 460004
San Antonio, TX 78246

Media appearances

7/19/04 Wall Street Journal contributed to article on 401k transfers

10/04 San Antonio Sendero Academy Class on college prep to high school student body

10/19/04 WOAI NBC TV afffiliateSan Antonio Living TV Show -interviewed by show host Leslie Bohl Jones

10/27/04 2 Schertz TX Samuel Clemens High School College Night Financial Aid presentations

11/3 & 4/04 Converse TX Judson High School Financial Aid presentations

11/14/04 San Antonio Express News article in the "American Education Week" special supplement

11/22/04 KENS CBS TV affiliate San Antonio - morning show "Great Day SA" interviewed by show host - Lu Parker

1/13/05 Laredo local paper article

1/13/05 KNEX radio Laredo interview

1/13/05 KQUR radio Laredo interview

1/13/05 KVTV ABC TV affiliate Laredo news coverage

2/16/05 WBIX radio Boston, host Stu Tayor 10 minutes on the financial aid system. 

4/3/05 KGO Radio San Francisco, host Michael Finney 30 minutes on the financial aid system.  I had over 100 websites hits and 5 emails within 1 hour of the finish of the interview.  Over the next week, the figures doubled. Listen

4/17/05  San Antonio Express/News College Guide story expert

4/25/05 FOX 5 Morning News Las Vegas, co-host Andy Gobeil.  2 1/2 minute live interview on the value of using the financial aid system for college-bound students.

7/13/05  WLPO Radio La Salle, IL  Don Zukowski show

7/19/05  KCRS Radio Midland TX  Robert Hall show

7/20/05  KRLC Radio Lewiston, ID 

7/20/05  KXRA Radio Alexandria, MN

7/20/05  WLSS Radio Sarasota, FL

7/23/05  Boston Radio Penelope Tzougros, PhD

7/27/05  WSPA Radio  Greenville, SC  Bo Griffin show

7/27/05  KVOX Radio

7/27/05  KOTA Radio  Don Grant

8/3/05  KXIC Radio Iowa City, IA  Don Justice show

8/5/05  KQOL Radio Las Vegas NV  Monk show

8/9/05  WEIR Radio

8/9/05  WILO Radio Indianapolis IN  Randy Lawson show

8/9/05  "For The People" syndicated radio show Chuck Carter, host

8/11/05  KTYY Radio  Los Angeles, CA  Bob Gourley show

8/11/05  WCLO Radio  Jamesville WI  Rose Striver show

Contributed to articles at BankRate.com
August 11, 2005 on small scholarships


August 11, 2005 article on Federal student loans

8/14/05  WMTR Radio 

8/15/05  WQQQ Radio  CT  Joe Lavell show

8/15/05  KUTR Radio  Utah  Rebecca & Kurt show

8/15/05  WCLO Radio  Jamesville WI  Stan Milam show

8/15/05  WACV Radio  Don Maxwell show

8/17/05  WFUS Radio  Florida

8/19/05  WLTH Radio Gary IN  Jonathan Boose show

8/31/05  KFKA Radio 

10/24/05  KBAR Radio Idaho  Michael Haynie show

Too many more to list...