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 Helping Parents of College Bound Students Manuever Through the Financial Aid Formulas and Maximize the
Need-Based Aid They Qualify For!
Custom Financial Aid Strategies
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What to bring on your first appointment:

1. The most recent tax return for parents and student
2. Asset values for parents and student
3. List of colleges desired
4. SAT/ACT scores
5. GPA/class rank if available
6. If you have filed a FAFSA or Profile in the past, please bring the SAR or a print out of your FAFSA/Profile answers
7. Financial aid award letters received


ICS College Funding has 4 different services
Due to past abuse, there are NO free consultations.

1. Helping parents of college bound students take the best path to funding their child's higher education.  

Some families have great eligibility for financial aid, or we can create eligibility for need-based financial aid. 
For these families, we help them find schools that will meet their demonstrated financial need and also meet the academic requirements of the student.

Some families will qualify for need based aid at some schools, not at others. 
For these families, we combine the search for need-based aid and merit based aid through the schools themselves, and private scholarships.

Some families will not qualify for need based financial aid no matter what we do. 
For these families, we help locate merit based aid from schools and private sources. 
We also help the family pay for college on a tax-favored basis. 

Cash flow determines the options.

For most families, we help them with cash flow strategies and help them find extra money each month to help pay for college. 
Cash flow is the key to eliminating, or at least minimizing parent borrowing for college.

Fees range from $295-695 for preparation for the first year in college.
Four year plans are available for an additional $39/month for 36 months.

Tax strategies for the self-employed or small business owners
The biggest cost of college is income taxes. 
To pay the typical $80,000 for 4 years at a State University, most families have to earn $123,000 and pay taxes to be left with the $80,000 to send to the college. 

We can help many families with tax strategies to save tax dollars. 
Our fee for this depends on how much in tax savings we can help generate. 
The fee ranges from $295-1995 followed by $39/month for however long we can be valuable, depending on the situation.
You get to decide when we are no longer valuable.

College admission strategies.
Admission to Harvard, Yale and Princeton - along with other highly selective schools - requires advance planning. 
We start with children as young as 8 years old to get them on the right path to the most presitious colleges and universities. 
We will take on students as old as 16 but only if the proper groundwork has been laid.

We meet with the student and parent each month or so until admission to college is secured.  
College funding is also addressed.

Fees range from $495-995 plus $49/month for 48 months.

4. Student Athlete Marketing
If your student wants to use their athletic ability to get into and pay for college, you must start early. 

Like 8th grade early. 

We will not take high school seniors, not juniors whose season is finished for the school year.  It just doesn't make sense to start after the race is finished. 
The fee for athlere marketing is $200 in addition to other fees.

In all ranges of our work, there are few guarantees. 
We will do our best to meet the expectations of our clients, but too many factors are beyond our control.

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