ICS College Funding

 Helping Parents of College Bound Students Manuever Through the Financial Aid Formulas and Maximize the
Need-Based Aid They Qualify For!
Custom Financial Aid Strategies
Keeps more money in your pocket.

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Are you the parent of a high school sophomore, junior, or senior?
Do you need basic information on the college funding process?

Sponsor a free public workshop.

Plan to spend 60-90 minutes in a fast paced setting learning about the financial aid process in general, or the importance of marketing a student athlete to colleges starting in the freshman year of high school (and earlier).

Read what other parents, just like you, have to say about our workshops.

We are taking requests for workshops for groups of at least 10 families.
Email for availability.

Our workshops are held at public and school libraries, cafeterias, auditoriums, empoyer workshops, community group meetings, etc.

Free Recorded seminar

You will soon be able to listen to one of our live workshops over the Internet.

If you have an hour and 17 minutes, you can learn alot about the financial aid process, forms and strategies to maximize your eligibility for financial aid!

Download and listen on your iPod at your convenience.

Learn the basics of the financial aid formula and how it can mean more money in your pockets!